I apologize in advance for this being a totally United States-slathered page.

There are a number of persons concerned with the general state of things, at present. Many such persons, such as myself, are as overwhelmed as a baby lion in a gnu stampede.

Thankfully, there are a lot of people trying to help channel the overall holy-fuck-on-a-kettle-drum feels. Here is a wad of useful links to help sort out specific actions you can take, or highlight groups you can watch for updates. Note that this list will probably be an ever-changing monsterbeast of a thing, but I’ve decided to start with something, at least.

One more thing: If you are in the US and concerned about the current government stripping support of causes you care about, consider donating to or helping out with the campaign of a Democrat running for office.

(If you want a suggested list of other organizations to donate to, please see the Helping page.)

5 Calls provides phone numbers and targeted scripts on specific issues.

Road to 2018 focuses on how to help in elections that will be held next year.

500 Women Scientists. A group dedicated to upholding science.

It’s Time to Fight. Website run by a political staffer who helps sort out what is going on when, and provides scripts and information on key issues. It’s also worth following this staffer on Twitter, since she so often has useful things to say.

The Young Center hooks up volunteers with unaccompanied immigrant children in order to advocate for them.

Campaign Zero is fighting to end police violence in America and provides ways you can help.

Wall of Us provides 4 concrete actions on a weekly basis, either on their site or to your email.

Town Hall Project offers an easy way to find upcoming town hall events held by your representatives.

If you are a writer, editor, or cover artist, see this: A Call to Words: Fiction Fights Back

314 Action focuses on bringing science to politics, including helping get more people with STEM backgrounds into office.

Indivisible Guide offers tips and direction on political activism from former congressional staffers.

The Resistance Manual is a wiki that provides information on current issues and resources.

Re:Act is a newsletter delivered by email with a list of suggested actions.

March For Science already happened, but is looking to  continue pushing for the consideration of science in political policy.

Women’s March already happened, but the website still has suggestions for ongoing action.