Hi. *makes bedroom eyes*

So I’m . . . a person. Or human-shaped thing. Mostly.

Sometimes I try to be a writer, and sometimes I doodle things.

In general . . . I like animals. I would like to have pet jellyfish but I think I would be bad at jellyfish husbandry. I think about that scene in Ghostbusters where Kate McKinnon licks her proton gun a lot. My favorite activity is lying down. My favorite Golden Girl is Rose, although this is a really difficult choice, because what really makes the Golden Girls is the intricate interplay of their personalities and the confluence thereof.

I may spend too much time on The Golden Girls.

Currently, I am working on self-publishing a novel about a small monster who falls in love with a much larger monster who team up to, semi-accidentally, destroy a government.  This will be some time in the making, but, if you are inclined, watch this space for updates.

In any case, hello.  I hope you find something here that provides a slight tingle of amusement.